Feeling Fit and Healthy For Your Wedding

When I got married I didn’t freak out and go on a crazy diet or work out for 4 hours a day, I had loads of other things to think about so why worry about dropping 2 dress sizes. I kept up my usual routine of exercise (which some weeks was only two yoga classes) as I sit so much at work it’s quiet nice to get the body moving.


For me exercise is about keeping my joints and spin feeling happy. I like to feel healthy, its not so much about loosing weight (although I like being comfortable in my clothes) but its feeling my own strength when I pick up a few shopping bags and making it up 4 flights of stairs without being out of breath.


It’s great getting active, but if you’re anything like me its sometimes hard to find the time and I hate gyms, so here are some ideas you can do at home when you have a moment.






This app is free, amazing and you can get it for the iPhone and in the Android store. What I love about this is you have the options to start off as a beginner, and work up to an expert. There are also loads (I mean loads!) of different routines which focus on getting lean or getting toned while targeting your core, your legs or total body which range from 30 to 45 minutes. There are also 15 minute ‘get focused’ options which are fantastic. It keeps track of your progress and gives you rewards in the form of badges or even cooler bonus workouts by olympians, dancers and celebrities. If you think you might forget you can set a reminders. One of my absolutely favourite things about this app is it uses your own music so you can create your ultimate playlist.





This is exercise exactly like you want it where ever you want it. You will love having this little app on your phone (or tablet).






Katy is my yoga teacher and I can’t even describe how awesome she is! I had tried various yoga classes over the years and when I found Katy I realised what I had been missing. Her knowledge about the body and the magical way she brings her enthusiasm to her teaching makes practicing yoga a true pleasure and a wonderful journey. Now everyone can have Katy by their side with her four new DVDs based on the elements. There are two 45 Minute practices on each DVD and “offer a range of flows from dynamic and empowering and rejuvenating to soothing”. The DVDs are available on appleyoga’s website and on Amazon, so check them out!








Whats great about these DVDs is there are 8 episodes in all so you have lots of variety and wont get bored. You can also choose a practice which suits your mood on the day.






Tracy Anderson is a hollywood favourite, working with people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and  Kim Kardashian. There are a few great videos on youtube for you to try, and whats nice is you can just increase the reps to go from a 10 minute to a 30 minute workout or how ever long you can move your body. Also check out here DVDs and website for more in depth practices.








I hope you find some inspiration here and feel fabulous on your wedding day!