Weddings and Technology: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Where would we be without our gadgets these days? I am rarely without my iphone, computer or a wifi connection. In planning our wedding we have found blogs, wedding forums, social media, building our own wedding website and online shopping invaluable and everything we need is just a click away. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, finding ways to get organized or simply mounting an ipad to your wedding cake (yup check out the infographic below) technology is everywhere, so today I decided to bring a little geek style to the blog.


What would a tech post be without an infographic so here is the first (commissioned by Sparkle and Dazzle), which has some funny little wedding facts and a few nifty tips.




It all starts with a proposal and how cute is this one by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam from Kuala Lumpur, who proposed to his gorgeous girlfriend Audrey using internet memes (those viral slogans or pictures you often get sent). This is soo cute and you can read all about Audrey’s surprise on her blog here.




Here is a sweet infographic proposal by Drake Martinet who is associate editor at All Things Digital. The stats on how perfect they are are so lovely! Any girl would be lucky to get such a well presented proposal.



Now this has to be one of the most unusual proposals. Im sure everyone has heard of Groupon and possibly even bought a few vouchers, but I doubt many of you have thought about using it to propose to your other half. Greg Hill did, and he contacted Groupon to put this offering together as his girlfriend Dana Burck is a big fan. You really should check out the fine print in this advert, click on the image to see the full page!



You don’t just have to use technology to help with your proposal you can also just had it over like JD did with his girlfriend Kathryn. I’m sure it was music to her ears (I know I couldn’t resist)




The Invitations

So after the proposal it’s time to pick the stationary for your special day. How awesome are some of these ideas, I just love the super mario invite!



Paul and Sarah are both twitter fanatics so their wedding invites continued their soci@l loving theme.




Keeping the twitter vibes going, here is Mohammed and Lina’s invitation. Lina wrote a very touching blog post about being a Palestinian and how amongst all the turmoil she found her best friend. Social media is having such a profound effect on the way people communicate and learn about it each other and its heart warming to hear of the positive effects.




If you’re big into gaming then this is the invitation for you! Designed and made by Larry Quash for his friends super mario themed wedding.


The Food

I’m a big fan of cooking and baking and lover of all things cake related, so I was pretty excited to see some of these stunning wedding cake ideas.


This awesome Pacman cake was made by Renee The Domestic Scientist to fit in with their blue and yellow wedding theme and her husband’s Pacman obsession.


This is a statement cake for a Tetris loving groom. His sister and friends got him this as a gift and there were even a few spaces he had to fill with extra blocks before they could cut the cake.




These yummy facebook and twitter cookies are from I am Baker. I like!