Oliver Sweeney Shoe Tattoos

Lots of ladies get their wedding shoes decorated, painted or customised (some fab examples here and here) so I’m sure the guys are feeling a little left out on pimped shoes front. If you are one of those men, fear not as Oliver Sweeney has the perfect solution. Tattooed shoes!




Oliver Sweeney is one of the leading british designers and since the company was established in 1989 has created some classic as well as creative shoes, accessories and outerwear. Their leather shoes are stunning and even without a tattoo are a pretty special treat.




It all started in September 2011 with a pop up store in Selfridges where Oliver was promoting customisation using tattoos, tamponato (a  painting technique from Italy) and colourful laces. The demand for this unique customisation was so great they decided to make it a permanent feature. I’m so glad they did as its a beautiful way make your shoes extra special.








The tattoos can be as simple as your initials or the date of your wedding, or a full personalised message. You can also have detailed designs of perhaps the city you are getting married in or the place that you met. Whatever you decide  to go for the tattoo can be on the upper part of the shoe or the sole. They recommend tan shoes so you can really see the design, but you can go for a dark shoe if you want a more subtle look. Having initials cost £25 and a more intricate design will be between £45-£100 depending on the complexity plus the prize of the shoe which varies depending on the ones you choose. The tattoos are hand done with an actual tattoo gun and ink so no machines here! FOr more info about ordering a pair take a look at their website or try one of their stores.




Dont worry ladies, they also do a small selection of beautifully crafted shoes if you also want in on the action. Check them out on their site.