Creative Thank You Ideas

When your wedding has come and gone and you are flicking through photos and reliving the moments, one thing not to forget is your thank you’s. Whether they are cards or short notes, your guests will really appreciate a little thank you. As with all the elements of your wedding, the ‘thank you’s are another way to get creative. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Photos of Signs Printed on Cards

You can make signs out of almost anything. Just give it a try!



These cool wooden signs are from Oh Dier Living on etsy


Cute idea for those scrabble fans from




Thank You Bags

Which can hold your note or photos



The first bag is from the Wedding Chicks Store and the second bag was made using a stamp from Native Bear on etsy



Graphic Design

Bold fun designs that are tailored to your theme or just for a bit of fun



The moustache idea is a great one from michael and maggie and the two groom suits is a range from Handsome Devil Press


Tea Towels

What a funky and practical idea, I love these tea towels!



These tea towels are from Wedding Tea Towels



Photos of You

You can ask your photographer to help you out on the day to take a few shots to use as thank you cards or postcards



 Photo by Rebekah J Murray



Cute photo by Louisa Marion Photography 


Laser Cut Lovelies

You’ve heard me rave about laser cut designs and these are two fabulous examples.



You can buy these beauties at Storey Shop



This is such a great idea! Check out the full DIY over at Fellow Fellow