Ten Cool Quirky and Fun Cufflinks

Cufflinks are awesome! They are a great way to add a splash of colour to a plain shirt, show your personality in a subtle way or be a reminder of a special day.


Here are 10 cufflinks that all have a little something special about them.


1. Gear Cufflinks

The detail in this pair from Tateossian is amazing and they look so cool too!



2. Copper

Beautifully crafted copper cufflinks from Alice Made This



3. Finger Prints

You can take a little of those you love with you with a personalised cufflink from Little Pinkies


4. Lego

A grown up version of a childhood favourite by Ellie Ellie 



5. Initials

Lovely initialed cufflinks which are crafted by Beads in the Belfry



6. Dated

I love these cute pair which feature your initials and the est date. A great find on Etsy from Alexa Lane



7. Real Gold

You can rock some real bling with these Tateossian cufflinks



8. Colourful and fun

Lots of colour here with these stunning wooden cufflinks by Polli


9. Favourite Places

I am totally in love with Meshu, they let you make personalised cufflinks made using maps and places you’ve been. Super cool right and you can also get earrings (one for the girls)



10. Simple Love

Perfectly simple cufflinks that say it all from Bragging Bags