Love in London

London is an amazing city and it’s always great to see a couple embracing the capital on their engagement shoot. Pat and Mimi rocked the beautiful south bank, and mixed it up with colourful graffiti, the London Eye and Tower Bridge.


What makes this shoot even more exciting is that it was shot by the awesome Kylee from Kytography. This is a lady to watch! Kylee has a great way of catching the light and its hard to choose which photos from her portfolio I like best. Ladies and gents you better get in quick before Kylee is super famous and booked up till 2025.


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0001


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0002


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0003


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0004


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0005


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0006


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0007


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0008


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0009


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0010


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0011


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0012


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0013


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0014


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0015


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0016


Pat & Mimi Engagement-0017