Olofson Design – Unique Sweet Treats

If you read SYW regularly you will know I am a huge cake fan, so I love to share new cake discoveries when I come across them. Ladies and gentleman say hello to Ceri from Olofson Design. Her cakes, biscuits and cupcakes are amazing!!!


I had a chance to chat with Ceri and get a little insight into her wonderful cakey world. Over to Ceri…



How did you got into baking and where do you get your inspiration from?
I’ve been baking since I was a kid when I used to beg my mum to let me cook our dinner or try out meringues, so I developed a very sound working knowledge of baking from an early age. It wasn’t until a lull after my degree at art college that I went through a period reading up on pastry techniques, furiously recipe testing and inevitably decoration started to come into the equation. So it really was out of a situation where I found myself not exactly employable in the conventional sense, that I started to apply all these years of practical baking and fine art to start Olofson Design. I wanted it to be a company that didn’t fit perfectly in the wedding mould, as it was born out of the notion of taking a different angle on cake design, involving the client more, encouraging them to commission me in an artist or designer capacity. I can’t deny that the design is what gets me excited, but underneath it all is some seriously delicious cake, I just don’t shout about it as much as I do the beautiful part! Inspiration always springs from my clients and I then tease out their ideas, their style, putting my spin on things. Beautiful couture provides endless inspiration and is so apt for weddings, but colour features heavily in my work, as does texture and form. At the end of the day, the wedding cake is a reflection of the relationship I’ve built with the clients as it is equal parts of their personality and my style.




What should couples consider when commissioning sweet treats?
We attract couples who really want to make a statement with their cake and it’s important to remember that although it is a consumable, it will dress your venue, provide a focal point in proceedings and is often the one time on the day where everyone gathers to take snaps of you together. In terms of the actual commissioning process, it’s a case of the more details the better! The more you can tell me about your style, what your stationery is like, the feel you want to create, why you chose the venue etc, then the more we can weave into your cake. It’s also all too easy to worry about what is expected of you, but you’re planning the ultimate celebration of you as a couple, so why make it anything other than a reflection of your personalities? Be bold with cake flavours, if you don’t like fruit cake, don’t have it! Put lemon and white chocolate together because you had it in Venice when he proposed, like a recent couple of mine did!






What would your ultimate cake look like?
People often ask me if I’m going to make my own wedding cake, and I suppose that should be my idea of the ultimate wedding cake design? But the truth is that I wouldn’t know where to begin! I love reading my clients and the most rewarding cake designs have been the ones where I’ve got to know the couple, they’ve invited me into their vision, they’ve opened themselves up and I’ve poured every little bit of myself and them into the wedding cake. I see so many stunningly beautiful wedding ideas every day, how could I ever settle on one?!










If you want to contact Ceri and talk about your own wedding cake designs or just check out more of her amazing cakes then head over to the Olofson Design website. It really is a treat!!