Jimmy & Laura’s Mallorca Wedding in the Sunshine

Although we are having another cold spell with flakes of snow making intermittent appearances, its sometimes nice to think about the sunny places in the world. Jimmy and Laura had a beautiful wedding in Mallorca hills over a sunshine filled weekend last summer. Yup doesn’t it look dreamy!


I think Laura’s gold sequinned dress is just gorgeous! I love seeing brides try colourful dresses especially if they have a bit of sparkle. It looked like such a fun and relaxed wedding! The lovely photos were taken by the amazing team from Draw down the Stars.

















How would you describe your wedding day?
An amazing day! Because we were in Mallorca we were able to do everything outside. It was laid back, with lots of sunshine and our best friends and family around us.














What was your favourite part of the day?
There were lots of highlights!


The ride from my Mum’s house to the venue was brilliant. We travelled by donkey and cart and my Mum had asked some friends to lead the way playing traditional Mallorcan music.


The food was fantastic. We had a buffet with 3 huge Paella’s and salads prepared by a local caterer. Everyone commented on how good it was, and there was plenty for second and third helpings.


I really enjoyed the speeches and was touched by how much thought and effort people put into them.
















Words of wisdom for couples planning their wedding?
Decide on your priorities and make sure you get those just right. Don’t get hung up on how things ‘should’ be done, it’s your day so you can do exactly what you want even if it’s not traditional.


Guest lists can cause a lot of stress. If you’re not planning on inviting relatives you don’t see very often its best to make that clear early on so they don’t have any expectations.


Enjoy it! I really missed the planning afterwards although it was hard work at the time. It’s really worth all the time and effort to a day that’s exactly what you want.


When people say they want to help out they mean it. Work out where people can help and give out specific tasks. Apart from our caterers we didn’t have any staff to help out because we held our whole day in a private villa. We relied on family and friends to set everything up and keep things running smoothly on the day. As long as everyone knows exactly what’s expected of them it doesn’t get too stressful!












What was the best advice you received for your big day?
Don’t worry about the small details. Things are bound to go wrong on the day but no one else is likely to notice and they’ll only spoil the day if you let them.




















Is there anything you would change?
I think we were a little bit too laid back in the run up to the day, so a lot of things were done last minute. This was more of a problem for my Mum and brother though – they live in Mallorca full time so we were dependent on their local contacts and fluent Spanish. It meant they had a lot of running around to do with us which almost gave my brother a nervous breakdown.


It also meant I overlooked things such as charging my Ipod. We hired speakers to hook up a laptop and Ipods to for music. I’d put all my favourite songs into a playlist before we left England then forgot to charge it before the wedding so it was dead when we came to plug it in!







The Details

Wedding Dress: A beautiful gold sequined number from Ava Rose Hamilton in Silsden


Brides Shoes: Champagne satin Carvela shoes from Asos which I should have broken in before hand


Jewellery: My very talented friend Tracy Connell (she has a store called Ruby Spirit Designs) made all my jewellery as well as my bridesmaids, mother of the bride and mother of the groom gifts.


Makeup: I did my own hair an make up, making sure I had a few practice runs beforehand so I didn’t feel too panicked on the day.


Grooms Suit: A navy linen suit bought the day before we flew out to Mallorca!


Bridesmaids: 6 cousins from both sides of the family. They all chose their own dresses and 4 went for knee length navy blue dresses from Coast whilst the other 2 had Monsoon maxi dresses.


Groomsman: He had 4 best men, all very good friends we’ve both known for many years.


Flowers: My Mum is a florist so did all my flowers. We had a pedestal which we had out the front of the house during our ceremony then moved to the back for our reception. Me and my bridesmaids all had tied bunches of cream lilies, roses and freesia and blue iris’.


Ceremony and Reception Venues: We hired a villa for 10 days in the village where my Mum and brother live. We had the reception out the front of the house then moved to the back to have the reception round the pool. It was fantastic to have a luxury villa to stay in and we held the wedding on the middle weekend of the holiday giving us plenty of time to prepare beforehand, and relax afterwards.


Photographer: Harriet Eaglestone and Tim Cochrane from Draw Down the Stars. They flew out the day before the wedding and stayed with us in the villa. They were both fantastic, so friendly and pitching in with all the preparations. It was great having both of them to photograph the bridal and grooms parties as we got ready and then staying with us the whole day and beyond. We’re so really pleased with the photos. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Music: We hired speakers from a local shop and plugged in our laptop and friends Ipod’s. We got shut down by the police at about 12.30am. Apparently you’re not allowed music outside after midnight, something we should have perhaps checked out!


Cake: My dancing teacher and talented friend Christine brought over the supplies and made us a tower of cup-cakes with a small cake on top for cutting. We were very grateful to her for spending the hottest day of the holiday stuck in the kitchen making 80 cup-cakes with a post-hen night hangover!


Catering: A local Mallorcan company


Favours: Small bottles of Herbes, a local liqueur, with Barry M nail varnish and a diabablo for the under 18’s.


Invitations: Designed by our friend and best man Martyn Woolley and printed locally.