Twobirds Bridesmaid Dresses

We all know that a wedding day is all about the bride and groom, but if you’re a bridesmaid you also want to look and feel fantastic, you are going to be in all the photos after all. When looking for bridesmaid outfits unless you are having twins, each bridesmaid will be unique and have their own personality and body shape. Trying to find a dress that works for all your bridesmaids may be tricky as you want everyone to feel comfortable and look stunning while still having a consistent look.





This is where twobirds Bridesmaid comes in. More choice and versatility than you’ll know what to do with. Each dress can be worn multiple ways. A brilliant idea!!









If you want to get try out all the different wrap techniques, they helpfully have some videos on their website or you can check out their handy iphone app.







If you want to see more colours, dresses or a few of their accessories and shoes, then check out the twobirds Bridesmaid website!



p.s. the feature photo is by Michele M Waite Photography.