Hello, my name is Dina and I’ve recently found myself whisked away by the truly magical world of weddings. My amazing fiance proposed in May  and our wedding is next year and we are super excited!!


I have never had a specific idea of what my perfect wedding day would be, so everything I come across is a possibility. There are so many amazing things out there, dresses, shoes, flowers, makeup, balloons, pretty much anything you can think of and lots of super creative people with wonderful ideas. I sometimes wonder what planning a wedding without the internet would been like (much tricker I’m thinking). The inspiration I have found online has been invaluable in helping us decide what we want from our special day.


As there is just so much to take in, I am starting this blog as a way of sharing some of  the things I come across in my wedding journey. I’d really like to thank a few of the amazing bloggers I’ve found along the way and I highly recommend you check them out, they are pretty special and inspired me to start my own blog!  Here’s to the fabulous Kat at Rock n Roll Bride, the awesome Emily and Joy at Once Wed, the stylish Alexis at OMG Im Getting Married and the lovely Elizabeth at Bridal Musings.


Dina x